Website Development Hourly Rates & Pricing

  • Hourly rates: $150/hour
  • 60% up-front; 40% net 7 upon site launch
  • Discounted hourly rates available: $125/hour for pre-paid projects or for clients who pay via ACH, instead of by credit card

How do we expect payment?

  • Clients are invoiced through Quickbooks Online, and are encouraged to pay via the ACH option to receive discounted hourly rates.  
  • Clients also have option to pay online via this website by Paypal
  • All website development is performed in Orange County, CA or inside the United States. No work is off-shored.

Flat project rates are available

  • Flat rate projects available for 25-50 pages; and 51-100 pages
  • Custom Quotes available for websites greater than 100 pages.
  • All websites include keyword research & SEO
  • All sites include Google Analytics
  • All include Google Search Console/Webmaster Tools

Timeframe to completion:

  • We complete most projects in under a month.  The Joomla to WordPress Website Conversion project took two weeks, based on client's request to meet a scheduling deadline.