Every new website, or redesigned site, has the opportunity to start fresh.  But your historical data is crucial.  It's filled with years of insights. We have seen many new websites that failed to install or update Google Analytics on a redesigned website. Every website will have Google Analytics running on the site.  We rarely run into a website that doesn't have Google Analytics code already installed.  What is common, however, on a website redesign is to forget to have the Google Analytics code set up.

We will need administrative setup in Google Analytics at the account level.  If that's not available, we may need you to consider enabling us to set up a new account.  However, our preference is to maintain all historical data.

WordPress themes should be required to have Google Analytics configuration as part of its theme setup, but rarely is that the case.  Some responsive, mobile friendly WordPress themes enable you to add code to the footer or header widgets.  There are also some WordPress plug-ins that enable you to configure Google Analytics, but if a plug-in is de-activated for any reason, then WordPress data could be compromised.

Additional Analytics services available upon request:

  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) - this requires additional time and testing to properly set up and configure GTM. We can provide this service at an hourly rate.
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